Welcome to Mad Scientist Web Design + Marketing where a team with years of experience works together to deliver exceptional quality website design and development to the demanding specifications of our mad scientist! Helmed by Dale West, our owner and lead developer who has 20 years of experience, the Mad Scientist Web Design + Marketing team includes experts in a range of service areas to ensure your website works perfectly, looks great, gets found in search, and turns more clicks into clients. These may sound like big promises, but with a skilled team like ours, we can deliver.

Engage with Our Experts

Through years of networking and experience in the industry, we've had the opportunity to meet a lot of professionals who each bring unique skills to the table to deliver exceptional results for all of our clients. Below, we've included brief introductions to our core team of professionals.


Dale, Owner and Lead Developer – the Mad Scientist who knows how to bring together the right talented team members with the skills, training, and experience necessary to create your perfect website. Mad Scientist Web Design + Marketing began as a hobby over 20 years ago. In 2015, MSWD+M became a real web development agency. The internet and website development have changed dramatically in that time, but one thing has remained the same, my commitment to research every aspect of what makes my clients' businesses successful online.


Jill, Vice President – brings years of business success experience to the group. Marketing, professional development, management systems, and finance and accounting, keeps the business running smoothly. She provides the technical staff with the necessary users' viewpoint of what works and what does not. She also brings a healthy dose of badass that motivates the team to always push the envelope beyond ordinary.


Paul, Programming and Scripting – with nearly three decades of software engineering experience in a range of scripting languages and security protocols, Paul brings his training (a bachelor's degree and two master's degree in computer science and engineering management) to the table, creating flawless websites that work well and look great.


Monique, Content Specialist – she holds a bachelor's degrees in journalism from SMU in Dallas, and she has more than 15 years of experience writing about a variety of industries, from high tech and software to healthcare and finance. Monique also worked for seven years on the marketing team as a writer for a Plano-based software company. She is also a published author of four books. Monique is skilled at creating personalized content that tells your story, grows your brand, informs clients, and gets you noticed online. That strength lends itself to effective SEO copy.

In addition to the above core team members we maintain a cadré of qualified freelance professionals for specialized needs. Some of those skills are:

Drone and Digital

Social Media

and Audio