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At Mad Scientist Web Design + Marketing, we offer a range of freelance graphic design services to create brand recognition for your business. We can also develop website layouts, stationary templates, social media post graphics, and more that attract people to your website and that are consistent across platforms. On this page, we walk through some of the creative design options offered by our experienced graphic designers. Don't hesitate to contact our graphic design company to learn more about how these custom images and design elements can improve your website and get started working with our talented graphic artists.


The Significance of a Brand Identity

Think about some of the world's most identifiable companies. Can you see their logo? If you saw letterhead or signs with their branding, would you immediately know the company? That's the power of great graphic design. It gives your business a recognizable identity no matter where your client sees your branding, they'll know it's you right away.

In addition to any logo development we offer a branding guide complete with master logo files in vector format which can be scaled from a tiny icon to billboard size without loss of quality.


You may not know what icons are, but they can be almost as important as your logo. Some icons are the tiny images that represent your website on internet browser tabs and are known as favicons. Icons can also be used on the website. Think of the small, animated calendars on your schedule button or arrows to move through pictures. These small decorative elements can truly make an impression when done right, and we can ensure that they not only look great but also make sense within your overall brand identity.

Icons are included in your website development. Should you need icons, or any graphic design, for any other purpose, our digital artists are available.

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One Test at a Time

Archer Consulting

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Productive Machine

Logo Creation

A well-designed logo will set you apart from others in your industry right away. Other graphic design companies deliver cookie cutter logos, but we offer custom, creative designs just for your unique business.

Logo development includes several concepts for you to pick and choose those elements you like. A second round of concepts is provided for your selection and finally we detail and produce the finished logo.

We select fonts and provide the license-free files for digital or print use. The logo can be adapted to different backgrounds. A color palette is included with swatches and color specifications for use in digital or print media. And finally, a QR code for use on print media that a customer can scan and be instantly forwarded to your website or to open an email addressed to you.

Cowtown Counseling and Wellness

Classic Cuts

Madison County Helps

Shield and Sheath

Starter Site Web

Design for Social Media & eCommerce Sites

In addition to traditional websites, we also offer graphic design for social media marketing and eCommerce websites. Most social media and eCommerce sites have their own branding, but they give you the opportunity to personalize aspects. From logos to banners, we can help you bring your brand identity to these third-party websites.